My highest calling

I just read an article about motherhood, and it was long and full of good things but after I read one sentence I couldn’t focus on anything else. I simply had to write it down and my follow up thoughts.

“Motherhood is a picture of the gospel because it is laying down ones life for others.”

Wow!! I don’t believe I’ve ever thought of it that way, have you?

True motherhood is a sacrifice, true. It’s also extremely rewarding! Being a stay at home mom can feel monotonous, but it’s a tremendous privilege! Pouring all you have out for small-minded, selfish beings that won’t fully grasp what you’ve done for them until a long ways down the road can sure feel like it’s just not worth it. Questions of “when do I get to take care of me?” float through your head from time to time.

For the past 6 or more months I’ve struggled trying to find time for the things that help fill my cup. I’ve made out multiple pretend schedules that make time for housework, helping my husband run our business, school with the kids, working out, and hobbies, but have I been able to implement any of them? Big Fat No!!

I’m not the most consistent person, and maybe I’m not being very realistic with my time. Maybe my workout video says it’s only going to be 30 minutes long but when I’m interrupted by three sibling squabbles, the dog needing to go out to pee, and 2 calls from my husband or front desk person about insurance or billing paperwork it looks more like 90 minutes.

Also I sit down to relax and watch one show on Netflix, Hulu or whatever and end up wasting three hours there.

My only redeeming thought at the end of the day is talking with my children and hearing the amazing people they’re turning into. Are they perfect? No! But are they confident in who they are and that Jesus loves them? Yes! That’s a win for me. That’s my highest calling!

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