Let Me Hear You Sing

My almost three year old is in the amazing phase where she makes up songs constantly. Sometimes they’re derived from real songs, like the ABCs or Jesus Loves Me, but more often then not they are completely from her imagination. As a musical person I love love love this stage, and wish they would never outgrow it. Lately, she’s been singing the same nonsense song, “Na ma him a day, na ma him a day.” I have no idea what it means, but it has become so near and dear to my heart! It’s also so very catchy, I find myself singing it like a silly advertising jingle.

My older daughter is 5 now and when she was in that stage she would sing about whatever came into her head, or what she was feeling in the moment. I always found myself hanging on every word, desperate to know more about her and what went through her head.

Not all of us have the talent of writing and composing beautiful songs that worship teams across the US would want to sing, but we all have the ability to string along what’s in our hearts and just sing. It might not rhyme or have a catchy beat, but when we’re singing for our Heavenly Father, I believe He smiles and listens closely, desperately wanting to know more about what’s in our hearts!

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