A Mother’s Precious Time

How much time do you spend with your children? Recently I flippantly shared a meme on my Facebook page (which I honestly never do) that sparked that question in a group of my mom friends.

The meme’s point was that homeschool moms spend 5 times as much time with their kids than the average American mom. I saw it and I thought it would help explain my occasional need of some space from my kids, but realized afterward it was probably a mean poke to those moms who do not homeschool.

I’m just going to take a moment to say here, that homeschooling is simply one option among many to educate and bring up your children. There is nothing, I emphasize absolutely nothing, wrong with not homeschooling. My belief is that we all homeschool our children, some of us just do it full time. But, just because you send your kids to school does not make you any less interested in what or how they’re learning. Anyway, back to my point…

Sure, I spend every waking, and sometimes non-waking moment with my children. I count this to be a blessing and a privilege most days, but there are days it feels more like a prison sentence. But how much time do I actually SPEND with them? Sure, we’re in the same room breathing the same air. But I know that a whole day can be spent this way without ever having a true connection and without putting any effort into a relationship. In fact, some days are more detrimental to our relationship than helpful. So when those days happen does that 16 hour day I spent with my kid make me a better or worse mom than the mom who only got to see her precious child for 2 or 3 hours and spent most of it talking about their day and intentionally connecting? You tell me!

If anything the pure overflow of time I get to, I repeat “get to!”, spend with my children numbs me to the importance and preciousness of every second.

I firmly believe that every mom is striving to do her absolute best! It’s something that just clicks inside the first time you see the pregnancy test, ultrasound photo, or held your baby close to your chest. Your life is no longer just about you anymore.

No matter how many hours you spend in the same space as your kid, just make it count!

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