This is my “I’m Back!” Post

It’s hard to know what to write about after taking a long break. I feel like my first post back needs to be epic, so you few readers will forgive me for being MIA for the past 5 months.

So many subjects have been flitting through my brain, and I’ve started at least 5 drafts trying to catch them, like swinging after butterflies with a net. This is obviously not one of the “butterfly” ideas, but rather a refocusing post.

I started a blog for two reasons. First of all, I mainly wanted to push myself to get back into writing on a regular basis. Secondly, I wanted to have a way to journal my mothering/life thoughts, and let other people know they were not alone.

I decided to keep posts short and easy to read. I wanted to keep things mostly light, but deep enough that it was worth your time.

So here is my “I’m Back!!” Post.

The past 5 months have been a roller coaster of hormones, morning sickness, heartburn, ultrasounds, and going back and forth on a short list of possible names for Tater Tot #4.

But here is a few parting words of what I’ve been learning.

1. Just resting is a lot harder than it sounds.

Every time I decide that I’m just going to rest, it turns out to be more work than just getting up off the couch and doing something. My children have some sort of radar, I guess, that tells them to be loud when I’m trying to catch a quick catnap, or to need some in depth help when I just want to sit and binge Netflix for an hour.

2. Being a pregnant woman is as close to a celebrity that I will ever get.

Literally, everyone loves a pregnant woman. Not sure what that is all about, but its happened every pregnancy. I get amazing service in stores and restaurants, and even better at airports.

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