What Will You Choose?

A very powerful question was asked the other day? “What do you choose today, right now, and forever?”

Did you know you have the right to choose? For the longest time I thought my identity was made up of how I looked or what talents I possessed or what I could offer others. But lately, I’ve been learning that my identity is none of those things.

My identity is what I choose to be. I choose to be strong! So strength is my identity! I choose to be confident! So confidence is my identity! I can choose my identity!

In this culture of choosing to “identify as” something you were not created to be, I sometimes wonder if we think it’s easier to choose something way off base, because if we fail there’s always the fall back of “well, at least I tried” and “its better to try and fail than to never try at all.” And people oooh and aaah and say “How Brave!”

Truly, I believe its more brave to choose an identity that is already built into our very souls. No body gets recognition for that, anymore. The only person raving about an amazing, strong stay at home mom is her children (if that). She will not make it into the newspaper or draw a large amount of followers on social media. Its much easier and more tangible to choose an identity of “mommy blogger” than it is to choose the identity of “strong.” Why? Because there is a measurement of success with blogging. There is a measure of success with a career. Are those things bad? No!! Of course not!

You know what successes are hard to measure? What identities are hard to know if you are fulfilling?

Being mentally and emotionally strong. Being a good person. Being a good parent. Being a good role model. These are things you don’t know if you’re succeeding while you are building them. Its only after that identity has been formed completely that you see the marks of success.

But when you know your identity, you will know what to do!

So whenever there is a proverbial “fork in the road,” look to your identity.

The latest part of my identity that I have been building upon is being “an encourager.” So when something comes up I can ask myself, “What can I do to encourage?” Just like Rome, an identity isn’t built in a day. Work every day into an identity that you are proud of. I know I’m proud of my Identity!

What is your Identity? Or in other words, What will you choose today?

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