Working Mom vs Stay-at-Home Mom

I know, I know…so much has been written on this subject, already. I probably will not have anything new and revolutionary to say, but in this time of rampant “Mom Shaming” I cannot (and will not) stay silent. That being said, lets dive in.

We all know that we are individuals. We all know that what works for some people (i.e. sleep schedules, diets, cars, clothes, etc) does not work for others. So why would we dare to think that all moms should stay home and do laundry and dishes all day, or all moms should get dressed, slap on makeup and get a job? Honestly, either outlook would not work logistically.

I have a friends who are working moms and I have friends who stay at home. When we all get together for weekend play dates at the park, an onlooker would not be able to tell the difference. (Any preconceived difference you’re seeing in your head has been brought on by television’s stereotypical portrayal. Since when have they gotten anything right?)

So if there is not a noticeable difference in the rearing of our children or the way we comport ourselves in public situations, why do both sides harp so harshly on each other? Are there non-moms and outsiders also shouting out their opinions? Yes! But once again, when have we (as moms) ever taken parenting advice from people who are not parents?

I am a stay at home mom, yes, but my choice is not because I do not have any career dreams or talents. My choice to stay home was based on the needs of my family, and on the fact that I get extremely overwhelmed and stressed too easily. Could I adjust if my families needs changed? Yes, and there might come a day when that happens. When that day comes, I hope to have all of my “stay at home mom” friends support.

2 thoughts on “Working Mom vs Stay-at-Home Mom

  1. I Love this. Im a working mom. Do I love it? Nope! But its something I have to do. For my family. I hope my little girl grows up to remember me as hard working, and the all the fun times we had together and not as absent. Great post x


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