What is A Rosebush Mom?

I love to listen to podcasts as I am doing housework or driving. A few weeks ago, as I was painting my laundry room, I was doing exactly that. A parenting podcast came up to the top of the queue entitled “Finding your mom personality.”  I am obsessed with personality types, learning styles, love languages, etc. I love knowing what makes people ‘tick.’

Eagerly I waited for the basic personalities to be listed. The guest speaker* listed them as follows, “A Boxwood mom, A Palm Tree Mom, a Pine Tree Mom, and a Rosebush mom.” As she delved into what constitutes each mom I categorized each of my friends and people I knew in passing. (Yes, I’m one of those people.) I could see pieces of me in every category.

I like to please people and could conform easily like a Boxwood Mom.

I like to keep the peace and bend over backwards to achieve it like a Palm Tree Mom.

I strive to be consistent and stay on a straight path like a Pine Tree Mom.

But then the speaker started to describe some of the characteristics of the Rosebush mom. These moms tend to like things to look beautiful from the outside, they care very much about whether other people like them and approve of their mothering methods. They have extremely high expectations of their children and husband. Now they are not all bad, some of these characteristics are even good things if used correctly, but these are the characteristics that made me stop and immediately want to be someone else.

I have been told many times that my husband and I push our kids, and even more compliments that our children are very mature for their age. Its an image that I find myself striving for, and quite wrongly I might add. I find myself often in that spot of counting nickels and dimes out of a beat up pringles can amidst a barrage of “Do I have enough, Mommy?” And, “How much is this one, Mom?” And find myself often replying, “You dont have enough for that, honey.” Constantly wondering about the people walking by and what they must think of me, nickel and diming my own babies. Only later does it occur to me, that I should just be proud that I am teaching my children the value of money, and how to spend it wisely.

I am deciding to strike out and decide that, no matter what anyone around me thinks, I am the perfect mom for my kids. I am a Rosebush Mom, amongst other things, of course.

*Hettie Brittz (Un)Natural Mom

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